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Step 1

Contact Our representative via phone / email/ Fb

Step 2

Define your needs & select maid biodata ( exp: ages/marital status/ weight&height / experience / preference of work) Take care child/ take care of disabled person/ take care elderly person/ housework & cook)

Step 3

Make appointment for interview with the maid ( make sure all the job scope describe to the maid, and the maid are willing to work all the job when she arrive Malaysia)

Step 4

Make confirmation & Visa Processing (After selecting your preferred candidate, we guide you through arrangement, submit the documentation and visa processing. To ensure a smooth transition.)

Step 5

Government Certified Training in Indonesia Agency (Your chosen maid will training according your job scope, do 2 times medical checkup and will take governmentu2019s physical and mentally test before the maid come to work.)

Step 6

Arrive Malaysia & FOMEMA Checkup ( We will arrange your maid do checkup in the Foreign Workersu2019 Medical Examination Programme ( FOMEMA ).

Step 7

Briefing & Hand Over to Customer (We will give your maid orientation and give them more details information about their job scope and the rules and regulation for working in Malaysia)

Step 8

Warranty 24 months for Counselling your maid to solve your maid problem