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– Construction
– Manufacturing
– Plantation
– Agricultural
– Restaurant
– Hotels

Step 1

Documentation & Application ( adhering to the rules as defined by the Govt of Malaysia and immigration department)


Step 2

Apply for Quota Approvals For Foreign Workers’ Recruitment from The Ministry of Ministry of Human Resource, Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (FWCMS)


Step 3

Approval letter from the Ministry of Human Resource ( JTSKM Quota Approval)


Step 4

Liaise with Oversea manpower agents for recruitment follow the sector needs.


Step 5

Place Job order with respective Embassy Attestation


Step 6

Profiling, arrangement of worker for Intervies ( Oral & written), screening & selection of efficient worker at the source country


Step 7

Receive Bio data of the foreign workers from source country and do bio-medical FWCMS.


Step 8

Submission of Calling Visa through FWCMS system.


Step 9

Obtain worker’s visa from the Malaysia Consulate at the respected country


Step 10

Labour office clearance & Manpower approval


Step 11

Air-ticket booking at source country & clearance of workers at the airport upon arrival


Step 12

Do Medical Check-up (FOMEMA), if medical status suitable, then obtain work permit from immigration department, else send back the worker to their country of Origin.